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Solving the unthinkable

Micro- or Nano-sized, encapsulated or not

Customer-Designed Powder
Customer-Confidential Powders


A reply to the customer's request

A reply to the customer's request

A satisfaction to the customer's need.

Developed in full confidentiality

Developed in full confidentiality

Copying is not our business.

One powder = one customer

One powder = one customer

Supplied FOB to the customer.

The Customer-Designed powder

A mass-produced, ready-made, straight available powder

Customers are


  • Those open to the customer-to-business innovation.
  • Those who are not satisfied with the offered solution or their suppliers.
  • The customer who is not pleased by the internal material development (which ≠ their core business).
  • The ones interested in a real high added-value or in a non-standard product.

To be split in 2 categories

  1. The powder end-users.
  2. Other powder manufacturers.

Our customers do not buy products, they buy the benefits of the powders we supply.

We create opportunities... So our customers can pick up new ideas.

We co-create with them.

What is relevant

We listen to the customer, when meeting him.

Our strength

Our strength

Our customer's satisfaction.

Our competence

Our competence

The expertise of our well renowned Team members.

Our reliability

Our reliability

The full confidentiality, both ways.

Our corner stone

Our corner stone

The trust to be tight-lipped.

One powder

One powder

One customer.

Our lifetime

Our lifetime

The company exists more than 50 years.

"Only your product shows your capabilities. All the rest is nice talking."

- Dr. Ajit Shetty

Former Vice President, Enterprise Supply Chain for Johnson & Johnson. Retired President Janssen Pharmaceutica.

The Customer's Chart

We strive for satisfaction - fulfilling the customer's need.


  • Trust
    Is built on complete confidence and faithfulness.
  • Confidentiality
    Fixed by the NDA bound secrecy and discretion of each project.
  • Fence-off Palaver
    As many NDA forbid the disclosure of the ordering customer and the core of his order.


  • Stability
    Our team members are conscious of their responsibilities and duties.
  • Long term relationship
    Together, with each customer, the continuity and the future is considered and explored.


  • Listen
    We listen to the customer's explanation of his need, his challenge. We do not try to persuade.
  • Openness
    In the scope of a project, it enhances a supple scientific cooperation.
  • Understanding & Fairness
    A mutual and social understanding, of both sides, lubricate the relationship and the cooperation.

The Cooperation

Our strategy of a cooperation:

"Strategy is based on a differentiated customer value proposition. Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation."

- Robert Samuel Kaplan, Emeritus Prof. Harvard

The perception and understanding of the cooperation is developed with following points below: